Apple Destroys Nasdaq

Well well Apple fanfreaks – look like your precious treasure chest of ‘innovation’ (if you define innovation by repackaging existing concepts with fluffy exteriors and charging a premium for them) is going to destroy the tech industry:

Apple Ruins Nasdaq

LOL! Look at that stock fall!! Seriously, you can watch it fall by the minute over at Yahoo Finance

I can barely contain myself…the entire tech market is judging its profitability based on iPod sales. Everyone on earth owns a freaking iPod – how can these fools sell any more of them? It’s called market saturation people…look it up!

Me personally, Ill buy a Zune and a $400 Dell notebook so I have a little cash left over to pick up the pieces when Apple is down to $5 a share. Maybe Ill throw a quarter into the case of your MacBook Air when you’re left panhandling on the street corner, caressing your iPod Touch for warmth as you mourn the loss of your life savings…


Mac Suckaroo

The Keynote at MacWorld Left Me Sullen and Blue
I’d felt as if Id just been part of a big Mac Suckaroo
A thin piece of crap, oooh and Apple TV Take Two
What the hell were you guys thinking that’s nothing quite new
The Macbook Air sucks, and hell so do you
Let’s all dance a jig to the Mac Suckaroo
Mac Suckaroo!

DeusExMachina = PoopScoot

That’s your new name son, PoopScoot. I can’t wait until you log on to ACSMB from your new MacBook Air, I wonder if the sheer awesomeness of this blog will melt its little panty waist into oblivion.

Something Lame Is In The Air

And what is it? The MacBook ‘Air’ of course!! So this was the highlight of the the MacWorld ‘Keynote’ huh? A superthin, quasi-functional notebook computer for people that have trouble curling those rubber coated dumbells in the ninny area of the local gym. YAAAY!!! 1 USB port!!

You know, I think Ill buy an ASUS EEE PC instead. Its $300, you can mod the hell out of it and best of all – it doesnt come with a complement of baguette munching latte sipping berret wearing toolshed fanboys!

Looks like Apple is running out of steam, and its about time. I dont think the world can take another piece of crap hardware device with a UI that acts like it was designed for a 2 year old.

The MacBook Air – hah! What a stupid name – from a stupid company! Stupid, stupid Apple! May you roast in the fires of your own damnation.

Apple sucks balls

By the way ACSMB fans, dont forget to check out the ACSMB store!! Lots of good stuff in there to help you show your detest for The Company of Wankers.

Happy 2008!

Happy 2008 you Mac loving zealatinous freaks!! May your iMacs overheat, your Mac Pros become quickly outdated, and your iPhones gleefully explode over the course of this yet unexplored expanse of time that is the year 2008.

Oh, and from now on, we are to refer to ACSMB user DeuxExMachina as ‘Poop Scoot’. Thank you.