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A Long Hiatus

Well MacFans, Ive been absent as of late. Mainly because telling the entire Mac-humping community to suck my balls is just a lot of work, and I’m kinda tired. I mean, too much ball-sucking fun and it gets old ya know? I do find it amusing that Vista is now preferred over OSX by over [...]

An Open Letter To The Mac Lovers of the World

Dear MacFreaks, You can all suck my balls. Love, Admin

Mac Suckaroo

The Keynote at MacWorld Left Me Sullen and Blue I’d felt as if Id just been part of a big Mac Suckaroo A thin piece of crap, oooh and Apple TV Take Two What the hell were you guys thinking that’s nothing quite new The Macbook Air sucks, and hell so do you Let’s all [...]

DeusExMachina = PoopScoot

That’s your new name son, PoopScoot. I can’t wait until you log on to ACSMB from your new MacBook Air, I wonder if the sheer awesomeness of this blog will melt its little panty waist into oblivion.

Something Lame Is In The Air

And what is it? The MacBook ‘Air’ of course!! So this was the highlight of the the MacWorld ‘Keynote’ huh? A superthin, quasi-functional notebook computer for people that have trouble curling those rubber coated dumbells in the ninny area of the local gym. YAAAY!!! 1 USB port!! You know, I think Ill buy an ASUS [...]