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Awww SHIT. Is this thing on? If it’s a microphone connected to a MacBook Pro, probably fucking not. And whyy?? Why wouldn’t it be on, children? BECAUSE MACS SUCK BAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSS! YES. From the dark corner of an internet that used to be cool, I. Have. Returned. I doubt anyone is even still here. I doubt [...]

A Holiday Wish

Here’s a little yuletide rambling for the fans, and for you mac sucking little Apple freakazoids that get all giddy whenever one of those annoying ass commercials starring this douchebag comes on TV: Actually, I shouldn’t be so trite. I haven’t met Justin Long in person, and who knows maybe he’s a heck of a [...]

An Ode to Overpriced Plastic Crap

Dear Apple, How do I hate thee Oh purveyor of cantankerous detritus Oh fine swindler of technological putrescence A macbook pro, fervid slop Quivering jello pudding pop I’d like to rip your ass in two Freeze one half then take some glue And stick it to my dirty shoe Id walk around and through a [...]

MacWorld, and Apple, Doomed!

Ah my little macobytes, a greater feeling of warmth has never been felt by your favorite blogger. A more intense feeling of satisfication and righteous indignation has never been reveled in so much as now. Why, you ask? Apple pulls out of MacWorld, thats why suckers!!! Hahahahahah!! Muhahahahahaha!! Bwahaahaha!! It’s over mac freaks! No more [...]

CrApple takes down KB Doc telling users to protect their Macs

Sneaky sneak Apple takes down site after negative media attention Well well well, a little media hype and your interest in your users takes a back seat to backing up your lies and filth, huh apple? You dirty rat bastards!! Listen to this garbage: “We have removed the KnowledgeBase article because it was old and [...]