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Building A Mac Killer – Part IIb

Here we are ACSMB fans, the next installment of the ‘Building a Mac Killer’ series. Today, we’ll examine the actual cost that an individual might expect to pay when purchasing each component in an iMac. Let’s start with the base model iMac, that Apple sells for $1199: 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1GB memory 250GB [...]

Cool Vista Features – ReadyBoost

Did you know about the new feature in Windows Vista called ‘Readyboost’? It allows you to make an immediate increase in system performance by boosting virtual memory performance with any compatable USB memory device! How cool is that? Photoshop dogging on that big TIFF file? Stick a 4GB flashdrive in any free USB port and [...]

Building A Mac Killer Pt. IIa – Breaking Down The iMac

Welcome back folks – as promised, I bring you the 2nd installment in the ‘Building a Mac Killer’ series. Paying attention to these articles will carry a multitude of benefits, especially for those of you who aren’t too hardware savy. You see, there is this false general consensus that an Apple computer is somehow ‘better’ [...]

Building a Mac Killer – Part 1

Thanks for tuning in ACSMB fans – today starts the 1st in a mult-part series that will show you, my loyal readers, how to design and build your own PC that will crush your Mac of choice for hundreds less.  If you’re a Mac fan you might be saying ‘But Will I Think Different?’, ‘Will [...]