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NewsFlash! Leopard BSOD’s 1000′s of Macs!

Wooohooo! The reports just keep pouring in…the Operating System of Jesus himself, OSX.5 aka ‘Leopard’ is causing thousands of Mac’s to brick with a BSOD. That means ‘Blue Screen of Death’ to any of you who don’t know. This can happen to a PC too, although on a PC that death screen will dump information [...]

Tuesday Morning Pukefest

Just watch this: Who is that dude? What is up with the hair? Is it a must that every Mac fanboy look like he’s trying WAY too hard? And why to point releases from Apple cost their customers money?? Can you imagine the uproar of Microsoft charged $129 for Service Packs? Wake up people!! Jesus [...]

Bad Coffee and Crap Computers Go Hand In Hand

Well well well, looks like the misbegotten child of the coffee industry (Starbucks) has teamed up with the white skinned corporate snake in the grass (Apple) to deliver a one-two punch of bad tasting coffee, shitty music, and a steaming serving of all-you-can-eat corporate bullshit to the apathetic iPhone toting masses. Wait. That’s a one-three [...]

Newsflash Apple Freaks! Vista More Secure Than Mac OSX.

This isnt news to me, but it might be news to those of you living a diluted life under the glow from a glossy Apple LCD.  Read this link, and free your mind: Vista More Secure Than Mac OSX And I quote: I have found the code quality, at least in terms of security, to [...]