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CrApple takes down KB Doc telling users to protect their Macs

Sneaky sneak Apple takes down site after negative media attention Well well well, a little media hype and your interest in your users takes a back seat to backing up your lies and filth, huh apple? You dirty rat bastards!! Listen to this garbage: “We have removed the KnowledgeBase article because it was old and [...]

Apple Destroys Nasdaq

Well well Apple fanfreaks – look like your precious treasure chest of ‘innovation’ (if you define innovation by repackaging existing concepts with fluffy exteriors and charging a premium for them) is going to destroy the tech industry: Apple Ruins Nasdaq LOL! Look at that stock fall!! Seriously, you can watch it fall by the minute [...]

Cheap ‘Hackintosh’ Outperforms Mac Pro

If any of you have doubted the power of building your own PC, check this out: Hackintosh Outperforms Mac Pro

‘Massive’ Bug Found in OSX.5

A blogger has uncovered what he claims is a “massive” bug in Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Finder app that could result in the loss of data when folders are moved from a Mac to directly- or network-connected storage.

NewsFlash! The British Rule!

Only 1% of Those Surveryed in Great Britain Want an iPhone Appleā€™s well-oiled publicity machine may well have ensured that half the planet knows all about their innovative iPhone, but when it comes to dipping in their pockets and buying the thing, it seems us Brits are distinctly sniffy, with a recent YouGov survey discovering [...]