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Happy Halloween!

Well ACSMB fans, it’s that time of year again…my 2nd favorite holiday next to Christmas, Halloween! I thought maybe I’d dress up as a MacPro and go trick-or-treating. But, then I realized I could build my own costume for 1/2 the price and have way more time to go out scamming for treats. Lol – [...]

BlogRush Can Also Suck My Balls

I’m sure some of you are aware of BlogRush , the purported ‘traffic generator’ for weblogs. As I’m sure you can tell, ACSMB received a much-needed update last night and I figured I’d attempt to install a BlogRush javascript thing in an attempt to drive more traffic to this fine site. I am, after all, [...]

I Have Found My Own Personal Hell

And its in THIS GUY’s house!!

“Get a Mac”

Why the fuck should I? The phrase ‘Get a Mac’ is often coined by Apple Zealots trying to impose their delusional perception of uniqueness and artistic panache on some unassuming user of another platform. It’s another testament to their blind willingness to follow Apple’s arrogance straight into the land of conformity through copious amounts of [...]


Why is granola so fucking expensive?? I’ve asked myself this question time and again as I put that $6.00 box of toasted oats, nuts and dried berries back on the shelf, cursing under my breath.  Am I too cheap to buy a box of cereal? No.  Am I too smart to pay twice as much as [...]