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Cheap ‘Hackintosh’ Outperforms Mac Pro

If any of you have doubted the power of building your own PC, check this out: Hackintosh Outperforms Mac Pro

‘Massive’ Bug Found in OSX.5

A blogger has uncovered what he claims is a “massive” bug in Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Finder app that could result in the loss of data when folders are moved from a Mac to directly- or network-connected storage.

28 More Reasons Why The iPhone Sucks

1. At $599, it is ridiculously expensive. (Add in the cost of an AT&T contract and you get close to $1500) 2. Those who want to buy one must sell their soul to evil mega-corporation AT&T. 3. Japan already has technologically superior phones, and they’re far cheaper. 4. Slower internet than the commercials show: “The [...]

16 Worst Apple Products of All Time

Lookeehere! A mountain of crap that apple didnt ‘do better’… The Oobject Rotten Apple Award. To mark this week’s 10th anniversary of the death of the Newton we have picked some of the products from Apple, that we’d rather forget. We could have picked many more from the years when Jobs was in the wilderness [...]

Friday Linux Kicks OSX’s Ass Sideways Video Goodness!

Watch ‘em and weep ye pathetic deciples of the forbidden fruit: Can the Mac you just spent thousands on do that? Considering it doesnt even compare to Windows in terms of software support, and it’s only claim to fame is a nice GUI, can it even compare the the FREE GUI slickness of Linux & [...]