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Apple Hates Musicians

Yep, the company that produces the most popular portable music player seems to actually despise the people who create the music that necisstates the very existance of the device. Check this out: Apple Wants to Cut Artist’s Royaltess Down to 4% It’s a shame the musicians are too busy making music to really focus on [...]

28 More Reasons Why The iPhone Sucks

1. At $599, it is ridiculously expensive. (Add in the cost of an AT&T contract and you get close to $1500) 2. Those who want to buy one must sell their soul to evil mega-corporation AT&T. 3. Japan already has technologically superior phones, and they’re far cheaper. 4. Slower internet than the commercials show: “The [...]

MacDailyNews – You Too Can Suck My Balls

Read this guy’s opinion over on Here’s a quote: OK, but let’s get back to the original question – What could/should Apple do to take sales and profits to the next level? Simple. Release an Apple branded Windows-based PC. I know, I know, this kind of talk is bound to upset the hardened [...]

Tuesday Morning Pukefest

Just watch this: Who is that dude? What is up with the hair? Is it a must that every Mac fanboy look like he’s trying WAY too hard? And why to point releases from Apple cost their customers money?? Can you imagine the uproar of Microsoft charged $129 for Service Packs? Wake up people!! Jesus [...]

STFU Apple Freaks!

One thing PC Users Can Do That Mac Users Can’t The Best Page In The Universe, Indeed!! Check out this cat’s other opinions – clearly the above compliment is no flummery!