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A New Language

Because I hate Apple, and Apple Freak-Jerk-Wankers, so much, I’ve decided to invent my own language whose sole purpose is to spew negativity about the Apple brand through any means possible. Just like native Eskimos have many different words to describe snow, I think that my language should have many different ways to describe how [...]

In Celebration of OSX Leopard…

Have any annoying Macazoid friends who picked up one of these shirts at the Leopard release party? Doesn’t that piss you off? Not only that you’re friends with such a nerd, but that Apple would deface such a great movie by stealing the tagline and applying their own nauseating schtick to it? Well, now you [...]

Announcing – The ACSMB Store!

Well, you asked for it, so here it is! The Apple Can Suck My Balls Store over at! The Apple Can Suck My Balls Store You can buy one of these luscious puppies in there: (Or you can download that one for free, throw some rubber cement on it and slap it on your [...]