CrApple takes down KB Doc telling users to protect their Macs

Sneaky sneak Apple takes down site after negative media attention

Well well well, a little media hype and your interest in your users takes a back seat to backing up your lies and filth, huh apple? You dirty rat bastards!! Listen to this garbage:

“We have removed the KnowledgeBase article because it was old and inaccurate,” an Apple spokesman said in an e-mailed statement. “The Mac is designed with built-in technologies that provide protection against malicious software and security threats right out of the box. However, since no system can be 100% immune from every threat, running antivirus software may offer additional protection.”

Umm…ya think? Are you kinda sorta maybe admitting now that your bs claims about ‘no viruses on a Mac’ just maybe were sorta…LIES?

Listen kids, all computers get viruses and malware. Mac’s werent targeted much because they were so obscure and nobody wanted to own one. But now, thanks to malicious ad campagins, outright lies and propaganda, their market share of the PC market has increased 1%. Now the jackass virii writers have your number, Crapple. Im going to laugh till I shit my pants thinking about all the stupid arts and crafts, evian drinking black turtleneck wearing beatnick sonofabitches who are going to show up at the genius bar in the next couple months because they don’t know what anti-virus software is.

Silly Apple – will you ever learn?

10 Responses to “CrApple takes down KB Doc telling users to protect their Macs”

  1. Let’s assume that Macs eventually do become subject to malware attacks in direct proportion to their market share. And let’s further assume that OS X is intrinsically no more secure than Windows. (neither of which I believe)

    Mac users will still have a security advantage as long as Macs remain in the minority (10% marketshare means 1/10 as many exploits to worry about). I don’t expect Apple to overtake Microsoft anytime soon. Do you? And that’s fine with me.

    It’s pathetic how the anti-Apple brigade tries to seize on every little thing in an attempt to denigrate the Mac. All the rhetoric in the world won’t make my use of the Mac any less pleasant, or improve the MSWindows experience for those who choose that path.

    Regardless of what happens in the future, I don’t regret having chosen to use Macs since 1984. In all those years, I’ve never experienced any malware that caused data loss or required reinstallation of the OS, while my PC using friends have not been nearly so lucky. Many PC users simply junk their old infected computers and buy new ones when they inevitably grind to a halt. It’s beyond their ability or not worth the time and expense to troubleshoot. So It’s a good thing that cheap PCs are available. :) Like a battered spouse, they keep coming back for more.

    I see no reason for me to dump the Mac because (maybe someday) I might actually have to worry about viruses. Switchers can expect an immediate improvement in the security department once they run a Mac. It will be years (if ever) before malware causes Mac users as much concern as in the world of MSWindows. If worse comes to worse, dealing with the problem the Mac won’t be any worse than what PC users already accept as the status quo.

  2. Brett,

    As always your comments are appreciated, and have a valid point. I have running a PC since 1990, and have never had any issues with malware either. Granted, I incorporate a comprehensive and FREE security suite (AVG, Windows Defender, etc) that has never let me down.

    I think the biggest reason people jump on Apple when they see a flaw, is because of their flagrant and blatently false advertising. For years, we’ve seen commercials claiming Mac’s are virus-free and PC’s are malware invested cesspools of technology. It’s just not true – Mac AND PC’s can both be trouble-fee environments.

  3. “Mac AND PC’s can both be trouble-fee environments.”

    Agreed, but could I have an example where Apple makes outright claims of total immunity to all manner of malware from now until eternity?

    The truth is that in comparison to Windows, real-world Mac exploits have been practically (if not actually) non-existent. So, when Apple implies as much, they are certainly not exaggerating.

    It’s odd that a member of The Microsoft Majority is so concerned with lowly Apple’s advertising ethics, when Microsoft itself is a shining example of underhanded dealings. Where is your web page decrying the misleading “Vista Ready” campaign? Customers were actually burned by that. I’m sure that if you wanted to, you could think of plenty of other examples of MicroShafting. But where are the disgruntled Mac customers who were mislead by false advertising, and now find themselves besieged by malware? There aren’t any. Mac owners are the happiest computer users on earth.

    You can try to rain on our parade all you want, but your outrage is laughable and misplaced.

  4. Of course it is man, this site is a total joke. But someone needs to carry the torch :)

  5. Lol at brett for saying mac users are the happiest on earth! I have a mac and it pisses me off.

  6. @ Steve

    I stand corrected. There’s one in every crowd. Sorry it had to be you.

    I should have said something along the lines of “Statistically, users of Macintosh computers report higher satisfaction than users of non-Macintosh computers”.

    At least when you get rid of your Mac, you will find it actually has some resale value (unlike a typical used PC).

  7. Brett,

    I will maintain that anyone who purchases a computer with ‘resale value’ as a determining factor is uninformed at best, and an idiot at the worst.

    Considering the cost of entry in Macdom, any percieved resale value is hardly the wash you mac lovers would like it to be.

    Compound that with the hard fact that an old, outdated computer is still and old, outdated computer no matter what you paid for it, and once again a ‘strong point’ for the mac argument is up in smoke.

  8. Resale value is as much a factor as purchase price, in that the total cost of ownership incorporates both.

    I’m not in agreement with your strawman “mac lovers” who supposedly claimed that it is a wash.

    I’d still buy a Mac even if it depreciated as rapidly as a non-Mac. However, being able to reclaim some money on the back end is a nice bonus.

  9. Brett,

    When you pay that much for a computer you better believe people will give it high marks because they don’t want to admit they have been fooled. That’s where the arrogance is born. I call it sour grapes.

  10. If it makes you feel better to believe millions of switchers are all secretly ashamed of their choice, I’m sure nothing I say could convince you otherwise.

    Interestingly, a case can be made that some vehement Windows advocates are less than objective in their reasoning: