A Long Hiatus

Well MacFans, Ive been absent as of late.

Mainly because telling the entire Mac-humping community to suck my balls is just a lot of work, and I’m kinda tired. I mean, too much ball-sucking fun and it gets old ya know?

I do find it amusing that Vista is now preferred over OSX by over 100:1. That’s a bigass ratio MacDorks. Almost as big as the ass of certain cake loving whore I fondly remember as Hog Ass.

But, I digress…here’s a poem to make you smile.

If I had a Mac
I wouldnt stammer
I’d smash that fucker
With a ball-peen hammer
If I had an iPhone
I wouldnt wait
I’d throw that bitch
Down a sewer grate
If I had a MacPro
Well, I guess Ill come out of the closet
Id keep that sucker
But Id put Vista on it

And this is why bitches!

Vista Faster Than OSX on Apple’s Own Hardware

Vista Rules

WoooohoooO!! Suck on that MacFreaks!

16 Responses to “A Long Hiatus”

  1. I’m new here, sorry if this is a dumb question. But why do you hate macs so much? I prefer PCs to Macs because of gaming and I can build the PC myself, but for the average person a mac would be fine I think. The worst part of a mac is it’s price point, but macmall sells macs a bit cheaper than normal.

    Hopefully I get a response to this, I’m gonna go play crysis. =]

  2. You’re absolutely right Ricky. I really don’t hate macs at all – other then them being the Starbucks of computers (overpriced for what they are and what they do), they are fine machines even if I dont agree with their exterior style choices. (I prefer a big tower with tons of space for upgrades, but that’s just me:))

    This whole site is here just to upset the fanboys and for the amusment of anyone who passes by. Check it out, we even sell t-shirts (people have actually bought these:])


    The whole ‘mac can suck my balls’ motif was a parody on the collector’s T-shirts Apple gave away when OSX Leopard was released:


  3. Hey! Vista is flying really good! Out of my balcony, and with some flying-style I need to admit.. :)

    Not everyone can afford Macs and OSX. And this is so GOOOOD. So stick with Windows (S)Vista and keep on amusing us ;-)

    ByeZ from Milano

  4. You sir, can feast upon a cockmeat sandwich.

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  6. MACsAREforDouCHebags on January 7th, 2009 at 2:02 am

    Hey Balzorosso, the euphemism (that means “saying”) “more money than brains” was coined (that means “created in a literary context”) a long time ago, but its meaning is still fresh in the Apple/Mac village. Note: I say “village” NOT “community” or “society” because there isn’t as many of you MacDickheads as you think there are. I’ve worked a long time for one of the USA’s largest technical service provider networks; providing in-home warranty repair service to owners of both Mac and PC products. As evidence of the “Apple is superior” myth, I offer my tool list requirements to do just the most very basic of repair such as replacing the hard drive in both PC and MAC. as follows PC: screwdriver…MAC: screwdriver,Torx-bit screwdriver, non-marring pry tool, plastic access key, suction-cup screen removal tool (NOT found in the kitchen utensil isle)…NOT TO MENTION 3 times the labor hours at double-time I might add simply because listening to your androgynous little bastard children rant “Am I gonna lose all my itunes?”,”Dont lose my itunes OR I’ll beMAD”, every five minutes while your wife eerily stares at my crotch like she’s never seen a MAN with a package before ‘cuz she’s married to a douchebag..MR.Mom..”Dad,can u get me some waaaaater?”,”suuure son..as soon as I get the BLUebeRRy MufFinS out of the oven”..I’m baking ‘cuz my wife has the higher earning potential..blah..blah..”Backup my data? no!, why!, I have an iMAC dammit, I shouldn’t HAVEtO!”..”Is that recovery thingy gonna take away my PROGRAMS?”..(Well Sir,,,your iMAC was completely inoperable when I got here and now it IS working..not to mention your recovery disc1 was already in the drive and you probably erased your data already following your “4″ page “MAC owners manual” plus, when you took it to the MACstore they DIDN’t offer to back-up your data??? AND the warranty company also DIDN’T mention aaaaanything about losing files when a hard drive is replaced???…REAlly?..so..yes..in douchebag terminology..your files are gone!!..enjoy your iMAC, please sign here by the X,Oh, one last thing,…can you get your wife off of my leg so I can go home and eat my dinner and give myself a low voltage shock treatment to erase the image of your sappy look of disdain from my mind so I can go to sleep and do it all over again tomorrow ?…”OK,I will sign , but I’m going to file a comPlAiNt”)…gets a little tiring after invariably the same type of “OMG don’t get fingerprints on it” attitude day after day. So, Balzorosso, my sappy douchebag buddy, YOU are the new MacVILLAGE idiot…P.S with all that “superior” MAC computing power and potential…why are you just reading forums and jerkin’ off?????????

  7. WOW!! I could not say it any better. Confirms my suspicion that the worst part of a MAC is its owners arrogance! I wonder how they are going to feel knowing that the eventual virii that will plague their machines will most likely by written on a PC; so much for superior…And the time is coming…with all MAC owners revelling in their high-priced exclusivity it only makes sense to target them and their deep pockets with phishing scams, trogens that thieve their financial data, and such…that is, ahem.. if I knew any hacker type people like that ;) )

  8. Yeah, just wait. *Someday*, Mac owners will suffer just like PC owners have been for years. That’ll sure even things out. (…Blathering anti-apple zealot wipes the drool from his chin)

    Face the facts. Malware writers want to infect lots of computers. Windows PC are the “low hanging fruit”. That’s what they are familiar with, and that’s what most people own. Why spend effort learning to program the Mac just to infect a few (less than 10%) of the total computers? There’s no real need. As long as Macs maintain a minority share of the market, they will be targeted less than Windows PCs.

    Regarding your opinion that Mac owners are “reveling in high priced exclusivity”, I suspect that most are just reveling in the joy of using well designed computer and OS, and it is your self doubt that is distorting your perception.

    Every day you can read testimonials from recent switchers kicking themselves for waiting so long before finally ditching their Windows PCs.

    If and when the day comes that we Mac owners have to install anti-virus software, we will do so. But we will continue to enjoy using our Macs more than we ever did our PCs.

  9. MACsAREforDouCHebags on January 10th, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    Brett, My points (some of which may have been missed by some as soon as I said the word “crotch”) are: 1) Every computer breaks eventually.. 2) Dealing with that issue is exacerbated when the owner has wrongly been brainwashed into thinking nothing bad will ever happen to his/her computer because somehow it is “superior” 3) In my experience, Mac owners, who bought and paid way too much for a machine they will only surf and check email with, exhibit a higher level of arrogance due to #2. Higher levels of disposable income and stupidity are not mutually exclusive. Let’s just say for a very short moment, for the sake of argument, That Apple makes better products than anything else on the market. Ok, if you are the owner of one of those products does it serve your interests better to: a) Keep it to yourself and enjoy your secret? b) Flaunt it in everybody’s face like an ignorant child? Or c) Try to be a decent human being and help the less fortunate come to your understanding? Obviously, fanboy rants, some call them testimonials, are posted all over the net. Most gravitate to the (b) category and, that position simply does no owner of any apple product any good, hence, my position that “MACsAREforDouCHebags”. My opinions are based on exactly half of what I read and 100% of real-world repair tech experience. Personally, my first “personal computer” was an Apple II+, $1200.00 almost 30 years ago and it had about as much memory as a good calculator does today. It was my last apple computer but I bought it when differences were as major as “do you want your computer to display COLOR”? I’ve never looked back….

  10. I’ll be the first to admit that Macs are not the best choice for everyone (clearly, Apple offers a limited range of configurations), but I don’t think all Mac owners are deluded.

    There are plenty of Mac owners who actually understand computers, and realize full well that “Macs just work” and “Macs don’t get viruses” are not absolute truths. Nevertheless (your experience not withstanding) other anecdotal evidence appears to indicate that Macs may be superior to Windows PCs in several areas, for instance: reliability of plug-and-play, short boot time, fast wake from sleep, greater stability, low system maintenance requirement, freedom from malware, quality of pre-installed Apps, higher resale value, and of course overall user satisfaction. For some, these more than justifies the higher cost of a Mac.

    “Macs are for douchebags” is an offensive generalization. It is no more valid than referring PC users as Windows sufferers, basement-dwelling gamers, business drones, lemmings, cheapskates, or nerds.

    As for who has been “brainwashed”… For every ignorant but satisfied Mac owner who thinks Apple is infallible, I’ll bet there are dozens of PC owners who curse their computers routinely, yet cling to the belief that if 90% of the world runs Windows, it must certainly be better than any alternative.

  11. Bitches,shut the fuck up and buy a Mac…:)

  12. Windows Vista is an abomination, but OSX is even worse. Those are toy systems for idiots or infants who have no idea about information technology and probably can’t even manage to program their VCR. If you’re not totally braindead you’d use linux, everything else just sucks in comparison, but if that’s too tough for you better stick to your toy systems. Not to mention that OSX is basically a poor mans unix with a shiny but useless UI that just gets in my damn way. Those crap systems only exist because of you crap lusers who have no clue and should’ve never been allowed to access to a PC or the internet anyway. GO DIE SUCKERS I HATE YOU ALL FOR YOUR CLUELESSNESS YOU SUCK AND BECAUSE OF YOU WINDOWS AND OSX CRAP EXISTS IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU MORONIC FOOLS

  13. if it were up to me, you’d all be denied access to the internet or any computing device with more computing power than a simple calculator. the world would be a much better place, that’s for sure.

  14. Preach it brother!! Preach the word!!! Cupertino is the gathering place of the weak. Apple is the facade behind which the unclean masses hide their filthy lust for shiny white plastic. Sickening phonies, the lot of them.

  15. Hey!! I just got a new Mac-super-ultra-hardcock-book-PRO, which is also the top gamma 17inches, more inches than you guys can even dream about (me too actually, but I’m supposed to tease you here, not me).
    I spent 2400 euro for it. And I’m happy everyday. Every morning I wake up and I KNOW I don’t have to open a sloth, cheap plastic, poor designed PC lid to start everyday’s work.
    I look at my MBP. The small sleeping light breaths in the dark. It looks beautiful, like every thing I want to be part of my life. It costs a lot? Yes. But it’s not ugly like a crap dell, whose lid resemble that one of a WC!

    And, above all, it works. Flawlessly. I never have to restart. Sometimes it also happened to freeze for some secs, with the spinning colorball, but after a few seconds everything was cool again. It’s powerful. I run lots of apps at same time, no sweat.

    So, I’m the new macvillage idiot? Yes. Usually the village idiot is happy. And I sure am.

  16. Well, at least you admit it :)