Apple Hates Musicians

Yep, the company that produces the most popular portable music player seems to actually despise the people who create the music that necisstates the very existance of the device. Check this out:

Apple Wants to Cut Artist’s Royaltess Down to 4%

It’s a shame the musicians are too busy making music to really focus on developing a business model that could put asshats like Apple and the RIAA out of of commission for good. Maybe someday…

I’d like to hear what you Apple loving freaks have to say about this, and possibly offer an explaination for the sinister acts of your seemingly benevolent corporation.

Did I mention we SELL T-SHIRTS? :D

4 Responses to “Apple Hates Musicians”

  1. There is nothing sinister about this, and it is not so simple as it may seem. The article is typical of distorted anti-Apple reporting (why are there so many haters?).

    The royalties in question are regarding steaming broadcasts (internet radio), NOT online music sales. And it is not Apple suggesting the 4% rate, but rather the Digital Music Association, a consortium of companies of which Apple is but one member. I doubt that Apple is driving any effort to screw musicians.

    Keep in mind that radio exposure is so valuable to an artist’s record sales that record companies would illegally pay stations to get songs played on the air. Those “promotional costs” would then be deducted from the artists royalties. A profit of “only” 4% is still a better deal than having to pay for airplay.

    I’d like to see all the facts before jumping to the conclusion that Apple is “Eeeevill”. After all, it was Apple’s creation of a successful business model (the iTunes music store) that spurred online music sales. While there is still plenty of illegal file-sharing happening, thanks to Apple (and several years later, now Amazon), artists are seeing substantial profit from music downloads.

  2. Brett beat me to it. Well played, Brett.

    BTW, it turns out AppleSucks hates research. I was able to verify my suspicions that this was DMA with a simple google search. How do you like them Apples?

  3. Will, you are a moron.

  4. Apple fanboys are pathetic lowlife scum. They get sick of posting on their “we love apple” buttsex communities, so they decide to show up on Anti-Apple websites to correct grammar.

    Boy, I’m glad I’m not gay.