Apple Destroys Nasdaq

Well well Apple fanfreaks – look like your precious treasure chest of ‘innovation’ (if you define innovation by repackaging existing concepts with fluffy exteriors and charging a premium for them) is going to destroy the tech industry:

Apple Ruins Nasdaq

LOL! Look at that stock fall!! Seriously, you can watch it fall by the minute over at Yahoo Finance

I can barely contain myself…the entire tech market is judging its profitability based on iPod sales. Everyone on earth owns a freaking iPod – how can these fools sell any more of them? It’s called market saturation people…look it up!

Me personally, Ill buy a Zune and a $400 Dell notebook so I have a little cash left over to pick up the pieces when Apple is down to $5 a share. Maybe Ill throw a quarter into the case of your MacBook Air when you’re left panhandling on the street corner, caressing your iPod Touch for warmth as you mourn the loss of your life savings…


2 Responses to “Apple Destroys Nasdaq”

  1. While it’s true that Apple can’t continue to grow iPod unit sales indefinitely, they did sell 5% more iPods with a whopping 17% increase in iPod dollar volume last quarter compared to a year ago. Apple’s profit margins have improved too. Apple just experienced its most profitable quarter ever, exceeding their stated guidance. However, Wall Street had unrealistic expectations. Apple didn’t grow fast enough to suit the get-rich-quick investors, so coupled with the recent general market volatility, and fear of recession, some panicked and dumped their stock.

    You may believe that Apple has peaked and is on its way to oblivion (“beleaguered” was a favorite derision of the nay-sayers). I don’t. As long as the Mac keeps gaining market share (there are more switcher testimonials appearing every day), Apple has a bright future. Now might actually be a good opportunity to buy some AAPL.

    Have fun squirting songs on your Zune.

  2. I will most definitely buy APPL stock Brett, when its fallen down to a reasonable value. The ‘Get rick quick’ fools will of course afford us both this opportunity eventually.

    And Apple will rebound, as it has always done – making us both fortunes. You will buy the new Mac Pro. I will build a new PC. We will both be happy campers. :)