Mac Suckaroo

The Keynote at MacWorld Left Me Sullen and Blue
I’d felt as if Id just been part of a big Mac Suckaroo
A thin piece of crap, oooh and Apple TV Take Two
What the hell were you guys thinking that’s nothing quite new
The Macbook Air sucks, and hell so do you
Let’s all dance a jig to the Mac Suckaroo
Mac Suckaroo!

6 Responses to “Mac Suckaroo”

  1. There seems to much wailing and gnashing of teeth because Apple didn’t release a cheap subcompact laptop with tiny screen and keyboard, a built-in optical drive, and full complement of ports.

    Instead, Apple decided that retaining a large screen and keyboard (backlit, no less), and a 5-hour-per-charge running time was more important to many people, even at the cost of giving up the optical drive and several ports. Apple also made the bold but controversial decision to make the battery non-user-replaceable. Some say this was a greedy conspiracy to make the machine “disposable” or gouge for factory battery replacement, but I suspect it had more to do with keeping the computer light yet rigid.

    The Macbook Air’s so-called shortcomings will not be missed by many customers. Apple no-doubt did some market research indicating that there are actually people that don’t use their DVD drives, only use Wi-Fi rather than an Ethernet connection, have never needed to connect more than one USB device at a time, and have never bought a spare battery or replaced their original battery. In any event, there are workarounds for most of the MBA’s missing features.

    Many ridiculed the original iPod as being overpriced and under-featured, yet the iPod took the world by storm. Don’t dismiss the Macbook Air so readily.

    As for the Apple TV, the new movie rental feature (with broad industry support), ability to use it in standalone mode, and play hi-def content with surround sound were often-requested features. These enhancements, combined with a substantial price cut, will certainly increase market-share.

    Apple needn’t invent a whole new product category each year in order to continue its success. Constant incremental progress and attention to detail will keep Apple ahead of the competition.

  2. I agree with Brett. This whole site is an idiotic joke.

  3. YOU are the idiotic joke sir. Sultan…hah!

  4. whatever. rant on admin…

  5. Well whadaya know? The Macbook Air is apparently selling quite well despite the jeers from the nay-sayers in the peanut gallery.

  6. Well whadaya know? There’s a lot of suckers in this world my friend, as proven by your link there.

    I bought a MacBook Air and smashed it with a ballpeen hammer, I’ll have the video uploaded soon for all to see.