Something Lame Is In The Air

And what is it? The MacBook ‘Air’ of course!! So this was the highlight of the the MacWorld ‘Keynote’ huh? A superthin, quasi-functional notebook computer for people that have trouble curling those rubber coated dumbells in the ninny area of the local gym. YAAAY!!! 1 USB port!!

You know, I think Ill buy an ASUS EEE PC instead. Its $300, you can mod the hell out of it and best of all – it doesnt come with a complement of baguette munching latte sipping berret wearing toolshed fanboys!

Looks like Apple is running out of steam, and its about time. I dont think the world can take another piece of crap hardware device with a UI that acts like it was designed for a 2 year old.

The MacBook Air – hah! What a stupid name – from a stupid company! Stupid, stupid Apple! May you roast in the fires of your own damnation.

Apple sucks balls

By the way ACSMB fans, dont forget to check out the ACSMB store!! Lots of good stuff in there to help you show your detest for The Company of Wankers.

10 Responses to “Something Lame Is In The Air”

  1. Hell yeah, 1 USB! HOLY SHIT! So much innovation I can barely take it!

  2. Get a life.
    The MacBook Air may not fill your needs and nothing is wrong with that. But making idiotic statements about a product that many people have been wanting. It is meant to be thin, stylish and portable. People who don’t like lugging around large notebooks aren’t weak. Yes the Eee PC is a totally unrelated but great product. How is OS X designed for 2 year olds? “Mod the hell out of it” means upgrading the drive and memory from a very low amount to a low amount? And how is Apple running out steam. Or does running out of steam mean having their best quarter yet.

  3. Dear Sullie,

    MacBook Air doesn’t fill my needs, nor the needs of the people sitting both to my right and to my left. This indicates that 100% of the people surveyed state that their needs are not fulfilled by the MacBook Air.
    I am not a very needy person, so for the MacBook Air not to fill my needs, I would have to say that it isn’t very good at satisfying needs.
    The best thing right now would be for me to go knead some bread since my needs are left wanting more needless needles.

  4. ugh… this is the ultimate place to find rants
    It may not fill your need but it fills mine. Do you have a problem with that?

  5. I DO have a problem with that Sultan – hence the creation of this magnificent outpouring of truth called Apple.CanSuckBalls.Com!!! :D

  6. 5 Million Copies of Leopard shipped in first 90 days. That is 20% of the Mac install base.

    User Reviews:

    “In my view Leopard is better and faster than Vista” Walt Mosberg : Wall Street Journal

    “Leopard is powerful, polished and carefully conceived” David Pogue : New York Times

    “With Leopard Apple’s OS widens it’s lead aesthetically and technologically.” Ed Berg : USA Today

    And my favorite because it is from a PC magazine, LOL:
    “It is by far the best OS ever written for the vast majority of consumers” Ed Mendleson : PC Magazine

    Other neat tidbits and amazing numbers for Apple:

    US Smart phone Market share Quarter 3 2007 (Quarter 4 results not yet in)

    RIM 39%
    Apple 19.5%
    Palm: 9.8%
    Motorola: 7.4%
    Nokia: 3.1%
    Other: 21.2%

    That was in the first 90 days of shipment of the IPhone. Pretty impressive to note they sold 4 million IPhones in that first 90 day time frame.

    ITunes: Apple has sold 4 Billion Songs, 125 Million TV shows and 7 Million Movies. This last Christmas they sold 20 Million Songs in one day!

    Now you can suck my balls, ROFLMAO

  7. “It is by far the best OS ever written for the vast majority of consumers”

    Exactly. Because the ‘vast majority of consumers’ are ball sucking, Paris Hilton obcessing, big button telephone using, instant gratification addicted morons!

    I use both Leopard, XP , AND Windows Vista. They all have their pros and cons. Leopard is a good OS, its rabid Mac fanboys that make that platform the most annoying thing since…since…shit I dont know. Maybe THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER.

  8. LOL I came across this site through You Tube. I also use Leopard, XP, Vista and Ubuntu Linux. I like Mac for different reasons than you state the average user likes it. I like it for the Unix back end and IMHO more secure overall OS, just as I like Linux. Windows is a good OS overall, very virus targeted and M$ has done a lot of stuff right with Vista and some stuff really wrong. I am running Windows with Fusion right now on my Mac because I am a Visual Studio Developer and of course this does not run on Linux or Mac(Unix). I do not like fanboys on any side of the spectrum however, I think there is good and bad on both sides as well as both companies are out to make money, which is one major reason Linux is very appealing to me.

    So don’t hate on all of us Mac Users :)

  9. This sole purpose of this site is to call out the fanboys! I think a Mac is a great machine, and Ive said that all over this site, but it doesnt stop them from coming here in droves and expression their sheer terror/anger/amazement that someone would hate on the God of All That is Good in the World, Apple Computers.

    And come on man, admit it, you’re here for the poetry:)

  10. LOL Indeed!