‘Massive’ Bug Found in OSX.5

A blogger has uncovered what he claims is a “massive” bug in Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Finder app that could result in the loss of data when folders are moved from a Mac to directly- or network-connected storage.

Well! Looks like the Apple QA team was smoking their lunch when they had to test out this functionality. Tsk tsk tsk…and you guys thought Vista was bad!

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3 Responses to “‘Massive’ Bug Found in OSX.5”

  1. ‘Massively Rare’ is more like it. Of course the Apple haters would like to portray this as armageddon.

    While I agree that this is a nasty bug that Apple should fix ASAP, it is not one that average users are likely to encounter. It requires that the data connection be interrupted while a file MOVE operation between two different volumes is in progress. However, the Finder performs File COPY operations by default, leaving the original intact in the event of failure..

    Most Mac users don’t even know how to initate a file MOVE (which requires holding down a modifier key while dragging to the destination). Nevertheless, until Apple fixes this, it would a good idea to instead copy then manually delete the original.

  2. LOL I know it must be rare – seriously how many people yank an external drive out before a file copy is complete? QA should try to test for all user situations – even the wacky ones – because that’s what inevitably ends up causing the problem when everything else has been accounted for.

    Apple isnt the only company guilty of this kind of mistake – that’s for sure.

  3. This bug has been squashed in today’s release of OS X 10.5.1. Apple bashers will have to find something else to hold up and go “Nyaa Nyaa” about.