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Cheap ‘Hackintosh’ Outperforms Mac Pro

If any of you have doubted the power of building your own PC, check this out: Hackintosh Outperforms Mac Pro

‘Massive’ Bug Found in OSX.5

A blogger has uncovered what he claims is a “massive” bug in Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Finder app that could result in the loss of data when folders are moved from a Mac to directly- or network-connected storage.

ACSMB Presents – Stupid Mac User Comment Of The Week!

Howdy there ACSMB fans! As this site continues in explode in infamy, we’ve been hit with a deluge of comments from our favorite little slice of human insanity – the Zealotinous Apple Fanboy. These range from the obvious flame-bait to genuine heatfelt sentiment for their favorite brand of PC. In all honesty – I can [...]