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How Much Do You Hate Apple?

How Much Do You Hate Apple? Leave A Comment In The Form Below! How Much Do You Hate Apple? Leave a Comment and Let Us Know! How Much Do You Hate Apple? Brainwashed Apple Fanzoids Have To Go!

In Celebration of OSX Leopard…

Have any annoying Macazoid friends who picked up one of these shirts at the Leopard release party? Doesn’t that piss you off? Not only that you’re friends with such a nerd, but that Apple would deface such a great movie by stealing the tagline and applying their own nauseating schtick to it? Well, now you [...]

BlogRush Can Also Suck My Balls

I’m sure some of you are aware of BlogRush , the purported ‘traffic generator’ for weblogs. As I’m sure you can tell, ACSMB received a much-needed update last night and I figured I’d attempt to install a BlogRush javascript thing in an attempt to drive more traffic to this fine site. I am, after all, [...]

Cool Vista Features – ReadyBoost

Did you know about the new feature in Windows Vista called ‘Readyboost’? It allows you to make an immediate increase in system performance by boosting virtual memory performance with any compatable USB memory device! How cool is that? Photoshop dogging on that big TIFF file? Stick a 4GB flashdrive in any free USB port and [...]

MacDailyNews – You Too Can Suck My Balls

Read this guy’s opinion over on Here’s a quote: OK, but let’s get back to the original question – What could/should Apple do to take sales and profits to the next level? Simple. Release an Apple branded Windows-based PC. I know, I know, this kind of talk is bound to upset the hardened [...]