NewsFlash! The British Rule!

Only 1% of Those Surveryed in Great Britain Want an iPhone

Apple’s well-oiled publicity machine may well have ensured that half the planet knows all about their innovative iPhone, but when it comes to dipping in their pockets and buying the thing, it seems us Brits are distinctly sniffy, with a recent YouGov survey discovering that just one per cent of Britons polled would be buying an iPhone.

Although twenty five per cent of respondents expressed ‘a high likelihood’ of shelling out for an iPhone when they saw the feature list, this promptly fell to just one per cent when they learned that the handset would cost a hefty £269 with a minimum monthly contract of £35…

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Well that’s just proof positive that Americans are dumbasses. Seriously. If a company has enough money to put a snazzy ad on TV telling us we gotta have something…well then credit be damned, we gotta have it!! I feel an odd combination of nausea, disgust, contempt, and strangely – pity for those of you enslaved to techno gadgetry.

iPhone…whateva…kiss my freakin’ ass you corporate whores!

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