28 More Reasons Why The iPhone Sucks

1. At $599, it is ridiculously expensive. (Add in the cost of an AT&T contract and you get close to $1500)

2. Those who want to buy one must sell their soul to evil mega-corporation AT&T.

3. Japan already has technologically superior phones, and they’re far cheaper.

4. Slower internet than the commercials show: “The data experience is going to be very slow. If you’re on a cellular network, [using the Internet] is going to be very slow.”

5. Initial reports indicate that YouTube is slow and crappy using cellular network internet/EDGE. It’s nothing like in the commercials.

6. You cannot remove its battery. Thanks for replicating one of the biggest complaints about the ipod, Apple!

7. The glass touch screen of the iPhone guarantees that thousands of customers who drop their phones will have cracked screens.

8. The touchscreen keyboard sucks, according to those who have used the phone.

9. It can’t send MMS picture messages.

10. The camera has little or no options, and the pictures it takes aren’t very good.

11. It lacks proper support for Flash websites. So much for the internet.

12. It can’t record video.

13. “Pinching” pictures to zoom might look neat in commercials, but many reviewers are saying it actually sucks.

14. It lacks 3G high-speed data transfer.

15. No songs as ringtones.

16. No GPS.

17. It doesn’t work under 64-bit Windows XP / Windows Vista!!!!!!! Thanks for not including that in your Windows System Requirements, Apple!

18. It only allows for a maximum of 1 picture to be attached to each e-mail you send.

19. It doesn’t have a file browser/organizer.

20. Its default ringtones suck.

21. You can not save documents on it: documents can only be viewed as attachments when they’re sent to your e-mail address.

22. No games!!

23. Its “quick list” dialing sucks compared to traditional speed dialing, which it lacks..

24. Long activation waits: many new iPhone users are reporting that they are being told to wait hours or even days to activate service for their phone. Thanks, AT&T!

25. Heat issues: the iPhone can get very hot when it is in use.

26. Deceptive Ads: Apple has been using models with gigantic hands in their advertisements for the iPhone in an effort to trick consumers into believing it is more compact.

27. Many of the positive press reports about the iPhone are influenced by newspapers and TV networks that simply want to profit from the hypefest, or even worse, reporters who are looking to sell books about the iPhone.

28. It creates incredibly annoying iPhone fanboys

Ah, Apple – you vex me so! And you suck some serious hard ass too. That list is from www.who-sucks.com

7 Responses to “28 More Reasons Why The iPhone Sucks”

  1. All of that is true. If fact those aren’t even all its faults (no voice dialing, and a recessed headphone jack come to mind).

    But you know what? A few of my friends have iPhones, and in spite of all their flaws, the iPhone is quite usable, and actually pretty sweet. Things will only get better. The price has already dropped by 33%. Apple has announced that an API for third party applications is coming. By the time my current contract with Verizon is up (10 months), I expect Apple will have released an updated version that will address many of the above complaints.

    As the Mac did for the PC market, I predict the cell phone experience overall will benefit from Apple’s example.

    Apple may not always get things right, but at least they have the balls* to introduce bold and new products rather than just making an exact copy of whatever seems to be popular at the time.

    *(I know you have a thing about balls)

  2. Brett,

    Your friends waste their money and no one gives a ball about your Verizon contract.
    How do you consider a phone “bold and new” when the Japanese market has had nearly the same product for years? Also, can you explain what a “cell phone experience” is? I’m not certain I have an “experience” while using my phone….

    Highest regards,

  3. Hey! Sometimes we can agree. Do you want to come to my house for a couple of beers? :)

  4. I’m just sayin’ that the iPhone is pretty sucessful in spite of its faults. Imagine how many more will be sold once Apple improves it with the next version and people like me are released from our current carrier’s contracts.

    You can claim that the iPhone is nothing new by pointing at the feature lists of competing phones, but Apple has a way of making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

    As for the cell phone “experience”, perhaps that’s part of Apple’s magic. They can take something as mundane as using a cell phone or computer and put so much passsion and attention to detail into the design that using it actully touches your soul.

    Ridicule it all you want, but most people who have actually tried an iPhone fall in love with it. That’s why the hackers and unlockers as so mad at Apple. They could choose a Blackberry or other smart phone that can accept 3rd party apps or be chipped for use on different carrriers, but they lust after that special Apple experience. Kind of a love-hate relationship, I guess.

  5. Quote from Brett: “Apple may not always get things right, but at least they have the balls* to introduce bold and new products rather than just making an exact copy of whatever seems to be popular at the time.”

    Dude, you DO realize that Windows Mobile phones have been around for 10 years, right? You DO realize that they are more powerful, more expandable, more established, and (like most PC products) have 99% of the market in 3rd party software, right? You DO realize that pretty much all of the list of 28 reasons why iPhone sucks (excellent list, btw) aren’t problems for WM phones, right?

    I just bought a T-Mobile Wing with Windows Mobile 6 Professional, and it does EVERYTHING an iPhone can’t do, and probably will never be able to do.

    Face facts, APPLE SUCKS. Come visit my site: http://www.AppleHaters.com

    (It’s new & under construction, so please bear with me!)

  6. Brian,

    I commend you for having the gaul to stand up to these festering fanboy poser apple loving freakazoids.

    The sad part is, an Apple is actually an OK computer, but the incessant wankery by Apple Fascists makes the mere mention of the name a nauseating experience.

    Drop me a line at admin@apple.cansuckmyballs.com Brian, together we rally the Apple Haters of the world to do battle against the stinking behemoth that is Apple Computers.


  7. @Brian

    You DO realize that, in spite of Apple being a newcomer to cell phones, and not offering all the features that you deem so important, that Apple HAS addressed the need for a cell phone that is easy and fun to use while still offering a reasonable set of features for many people. That’s why there are now more iPhones than ALL phones running your beloved WIndows Mobile combined.

    There will always be people like you that value feature count and megahertz over user-interface, design, and attention to detail– people who love to curl up with an big fat instruction manual, and then feel superior to everyone else who hasn’t the time or desire to master complex products. Enjoy wallowing in your elitist hatred.