NewsFlash! Leopard BSOD’s 1000′s of Macs!

Wooohooo! The reports just keep pouring in…the Operating System of Jesus himself, OSX.5 aka ‘Leopard’ is causing thousands of Mac’s to brick with a BSOD. That means ‘Blue Screen of Death’ to any of you who don’t know. This can happen to a PC too, although on a PC that death screen will dump information that can help solve the problem. Since Apple thinks all its users are stupid, you’re left hanging when Leopard shitcans your expensive little toy…

I guess I’ll see you at the genius bar, huh my little Appleoids? LOL…check it out:

A significant number of Mac owners upgrading to Leopard on Friday reported that after installing the new operating system, their machines locked up, showing only an interminable — and very Windows-like — “blue screen of death.”

Easily the heaviest-trafficked thread on the Leopard support forums as of late Friday, “Installation appears stuck on a plain blue screen” told how after a successful Leopard install using the default “Upgrade” option and the required restart, some users’ Macs refused to budge from the blue screen. Although many gave up after 30-60 minutes and rebooted, others were more patient and let their Macs be as long as six hours.

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13 Responses to “NewsFlash! Leopard BSOD’s 1000′s of Macs!”

  1. This is not Apple’s fault. It is most likely caused by the presence of an obsolete version of “Application Enhancer”, a 3rd-party party hack to the OS:

    Mac users are advised not to install hacks in the first place. Failing that, they are instructed to remove this type of software before upgrading their systems.

  2. Good to know Brett,and thanks for the post, but you’d think if OSX was so stable/robust, they’d be able to account for 3rd party software, right? I know Windows can in most cases, as can Linux.

    It’s another example of how shaky that OS really would be if Apple were to do the right thing and release it for any compatable hardware platform.

  3. Of course, you think Apple should check to make sure it is compatible with a third party unsupported hack?

  4. The current version of Application Enhancer was not problematic. It was an old version that was the culprit. Maybe if Apple had instituted a public beta, this problem could have been found and fixed ahead of release. But I can understand that Apple doesn’t have the in-house resouces to test Leopard with every combination of hacks in existence. That’s why I always wait until the early adopters have a had a crack at any new release (and why good backups ahead of time are essential).

    Apple is wise to restrict their software to their own hardware–and for the exactly reason you specify. Apple does not want to be in the business of qualifying and supporting third-party computers. They know the best way to assure a good user experience is to control “the whole widget”. It would only slow down Apple’s pace of innovation if they were burdened with maintaining compatibility with numerous configurations (as Microsoft is).

  5. You know Brett, you make a very valid point there. By confining their users to a set configuration, there really is much less they have to worry about in terms of stability issues – allowing for more R&D time into innovation.

    Like you, I never jump on the early-adopter bandwagon…although Ive used Vista quite a bit, my home machine runs XP64, which has been out for a while and is quite nice.

    With computer hardware becoming so powerful, the average user isnt going to even notice a big increase in clockspeed when they’re doing everyday tasks like surfing the web, email, shopping, etc…Apple’s team certainly is a smart bunch and I never would say that they aren’t.

    However, the super-premium prices for their hardware are ridiculous. $150 for 2GB of DDR2 ram? It’s not that I’m cheap or that I think Apple’s stuff is bad – it’s just an obvious rip-off considering what you’re getting in the end product.

    The one unit they do produce that I am actually quite impressed with is the MacMini – I’ve thought about picking one up just so I can see what all the fuss is about concerning Leopard, etc and do a head-to-head comparison against Vista Ultimate. That would make an interesting review for this site.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly that Apple’s RAM pricing is a ripoff. Thankfully, smart shoppers can purchase and install their own RAM.

    I’d like to see Apple offer a reasonably priced mini-tower Mac that could be bought sans RAM, hard disk, and graphics board for people that want to do their own configuration and upgrades. Hell, as long as I’m wishing, it should have an upgradable processor too. But Apple just doesn’t seem to want to cater to the D.I.Y. market, instead preferrring to sell all-in-one iMacs. It’s frustrating, but I don’t hate Apple because of it.

    When Apple said years ago that the Mac was a computer for “the rest of us”, they were referring to the technophobes – people that otherwise wouldn consider owning a computer. Back then, the majority of people using computers were either technically oriented enthusiasts, or office workers at large companies that had internal support from an IT department. At the time, you interacted with to OS via an imposing command line. Every program had it’s own nonstandard set of keystriokes for of editing, printing and saving. The learning curve was difficult. The Mac changed all of that for the better. Apple recognized that there was a significant unserved home and small business market of ordinary people with no interest in learning how computers worked, and even outright fear of using them. Not only did Apple attack the user interface, by introducing the standard GUI, but also addressing the hardware complexity with an all-in-one configuration.

    As much as I wish Apple would make the exact products I want, I have to give them credit for bringing computers to many that would otherwise never use them. In general, I think Apple are the good guys. I’m glad they do what they do, as the whole industry ultimately benefits from their idealism.

    Maybe with their increased success and continued gentle nudging we can convince them to address smaller market niches like the affordable mini-tower.

    The Mac mini is a nice machine, if you can overlook it’s lack of upgradability. Just make sure to max out the RAM. OS X loves RAM. There are a zillion little plastic fingers latching it shut. You have to open the damn thing with a paint scraper. Not exactly user-friendly.

  7. you could have saved yourself slot of typing just then by typing: Macs are for stupid people and Apple takes advantage of know nothings by charging heavy premiums for average hardware.

  8. @booboocaca
    No. Just because someone doesn’t want to do a lot of research about computers doesn’t mean they are stupid. Some people feel that their time is better spent getting actual work done, rather then researching for the best way to save a few hundred dollars. To Apple’s customers it is a reasonable trade-off. What Apple provides free with your so-called “average hardware” is OS X. And that makes all the difference.

    If you want to go around with your head in the clouds thinking that you are smarter than Mac owners, suit yourself.

    Most computer users are not very technically adept. If you’ve done any amount of tech support you’d know this. Who is smarter, the person who buys a Mac because it consistently has a higher user-satisfaction rating, or the person that buys a Windows machine because geeks recommend it, and then finds themselves in over their head?

  9. I love this argument. The whole “Some people would rather get work done then worry about pc configurations, research on pc hardware, downloading drivers, blah blah blah, ect ect ect”
    That’s just lazy. I just bought my mother (Who is no computer guru by any means) a new Compaq pc for x-mas and guess what; it also “Just works”. I built my “frankinstein” machine a year ago out of budget parts from newegg and guess what; “it just fucking works”. (and unlike a mac…I have upgraded it since into a pretty powerful pc capable of gaming…yes…gaming on a computer…its possible Mac lovers :) ” I researched the parts for my own pc a bit carefully but it did not take years of R&D and I certainly didnt miss a day’s work doing it. The purchase I made for my mom took about 10 minutes of shopping. You are trying to tell me that these people would rather get “actual work” done by not wasting time doing any research on what’s going on in the hardware market today? I would hate to see the half assed work done by a person who cant take the time out to do a little research on such an expensive decision. “Im gonna pay over $3000 for a Mac because I have work to do and dont have time to shop around or read an article or two to make a more educated decision”. You know…such people who care so little about learning something probably dont have alot of work to do anyway.
    Steve Jobs is full of shit….just like his mentor L. Ron Hubbard.
    Stop being such brainwashed Macintologists and indeed “think different”

  10. Not everyone has a son (who has put together his own computer) to help them shop for one, and is available for training and support.

    Apparently because of your limited sample of satisfied Windows users (your mother and yourself), you feel the industry surveys about overall satisfaction must be wrong. I guess all those happy Mac users are “brainwashed” by Steve Jobs.

    People are now switching from Windows to to Macs in droves They too must have been infected with stupidity. Soon it will just be you and a few other vehement Apple haters, hobbyists, and gamers desperately clutching their Windows PCs and feeling ever so superior. And some call Mac users arrogant!

    People often spend hundreds more on entertainment, clothing, furniture, home theater equipment, cars and other items then they “need” to. People buy nice things that make them happy. No one begrudges them that. Mac owners truly enjoy their computers. To them, it’s worth paying a little bit more. In the total scheme of things, Macs aren’t prohibitively expensive. If you don’t care to own a Mac, fine. To each his own. My point is that for many people, the Mac represents a good value. This doesn’t make them stupid. It just means that their priorities are different than yours.

  11. What a stupid assertion you have made. Because I didn’t want to go through the names of all the pc owners I know must mean that I and my mother are the only two people I know personally with pc’s. And no…Pc users are not switching to Macs in droves. Apple advertising just wants you to believe that. Their market share will always be small..and they will always suck.

  12. Even if none of your PC-using friends have had problems with their computers, it doesn’t negate the fact that in large samples of users, Macs consistently score better than Windows in satisfaction. It could be that you and your friends are not representative of average users. Perhaps you don’t lower yourself to associate with such riff-raff. Perhaps you guys ARE better off avoiding the Mac. So be it.

    Believe what you will. Apple is on a roll. Their stock just topped $200 a share today. Macintosh market share numbers keep rising. It seems clear to me that unless they screw up somehow, Apple will continue carving out a nice chunk of the customer base. I don’t expect Microsoft to lose dominance anytime soon, but I do see Macs gaining the respect of a lot of former haters.

    It was the triple whammy that did it. First, Apple released OS X, a “real” operating system (by geek standards). Next, the iPod’s phenomenal success moved Apple out of the endangered species list. And the icing on the cake: Apple switched to Intel processors. People reliant on specialized Windows applications now have a number of options for running them (at reasonable speed) on a Mac.

    It also doesn’t hurt that Apple keeps adding retail locations where where the equipment is well-maintained and you can get a proper demo, or that Apple’s award-winning design team creates stunningly attractive products. It’s a recipe for success. There’s never been a better time for Mac users.

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