How Much Do You Hate Apple?

How Much Do You Hate Apple?
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How Much Do You Hate Apple?
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How Much Do You Hate Apple?
Brainwashed Apple Fanzoids Have To Go!

5 Responses to “How Much Do You Hate Apple?”

  1. I like my mac jackass!

  2. RhinoHornAphrodisiac on October 27th, 2007 at 6:01 am

    They make a Mac branded Jackass? Where can I get one?

  3. Yes, the media is full of all that sickening Apple coverage. It’s hard toignore. But you don’t have to actually use those hated Apple products.

    On the other hand, someone that dislikes Microsoft products will find that they are unavoidable. By and large, we are forced to use MSWindows at work, libraries, and schools. We occasionally encounter websites that are designed to require IE and ActiveX, that downloadable media is often only available in only in WMA format, and documents in MS Word format, etc.

    As Apple’s marketshare and credibility is increasing, things are improving, but for now, it seems like we have more of a right to gripe than you.

  4. I hate it enough. That’s why I’m here! =) Really though, it’s just another machine. I dislike Crapple as much as I dislike Dell, Sony & HP/Compaq etc… I don’t like any company that charges a premium for last gen PC parts and slaps them into a badly ventilated case.

    For what it’s worth, I run Linux… but I don’t hate Vista or OSx. I find that it’s really the people behind the keyboards that suck balls.

  5. Damn straight brother, totally agree – and that’s probably the most intelligent thing Ive ever seen posted on this website! :D