Cool Vista Features – ReadyBoost

Did you know about the new feature in Windows Vista called ‘Readyboost’? It allows you to make an immediate increase in system performance by boosting virtual memory performance with any compatable USB memory device!

How cool is that? Photoshop dogging on that big TIFF file? Stick a 4GB flashdrive in any free USB port and your Vista based PC can automatically use it, rather than the hard disk, as the virtual memory.

While not as fast as true System RAM – its MUCH faster than trying to access the hard disk’s pagefile. This is a really cool way to increase Vista performance on an older machine with less than a gig of RAM…

Check the video below and have a look at

Can OSX Leopard, an upgrade that you’re going to pay $170 for but should be free, do that? Can it, MacFreaks?

One Response to “Cool Vista Features – ReadyBoost”

  1. OK, first: 129$, not 170$.
    Second, Readyboost is nothing to call home:
    “As a result ReadyBoost is only useful in situations where small random data accesses are required, whereas larger transfers that may need sequential access are sent directly to the hard drive.”
    Cool, but not great. If you have to get some work done, get out and boost your RAM. Especially with Photoshop.
    Third,maybe flash ram is faster than a hard drive. But USB 2 (480 mbs) is much slower than SATA (3000 mbps) theorical thoughput.