BlogRush Can Also Suck My Balls

I’m sure some of you are aware of BlogRush , the purported ‘traffic generator’ for weblogs. As I’m sure you can tell, ACSMB received a much-needed update last night and I figured I’d attempt to install a BlogRush javascript thing in an attempt to drive more traffic to this fine site. I am, after all, primarily concerned with bringing the truth to the masses, and enlightening the unenlightenable.

Well, after submitting all the necessary crap, here’s what I received in response:

Your Blog Was Not Approved For Our Network
This message is to inform you that we have carefully reviewed your blog:

Apple Can Suck My Balls

Your blog did not meet our strict quality criteria.

Therefore, your blog has not been approved for use in our network.

Please do not take this decision personally. We have decided to only approve the highest quality blogs for our network.

Please remove the BlogRush code from your blog’s pages.

Our Quality Guidelines and criteria are listed within our Terms Of Service agreement:

If you improve the quality of your blog, and you feel that it then meets our strict criteria, you can try and resubmit your blog for review after 30 days — anytime on or after this date:

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thank you for your interest in BlogRush.

Best Regards,

The BlogRush Team

Awwww….what was it? That great big ‘Balls’ word I have in the banner? Or maybe that I’m spitting anti-Apple Haterade like a perpetual fountain of electronic authenticity? Do balls make you nervous BlogRush? Does the mere mention of that part of the male anatomy cause you to shiver in your wal-mart discount shoes? Or maybe the words ‘Balls’ and ‘Apple’ in the same sentance remind you of a adolescent fantasy gone horribly awry? Because you’ve rejected me BlogRush, I guess I’ll never know.

Ah, Im just kidding Blogrush…but you still suck ass.

May the ashes of your pathetic internet startup darken the skies of the blogosphere with a weight that is only matched by the gravity of your failure.

2 Responses to “BlogRush Can Also Suck My Balls”

  1. You might be interested to know I found your blog entry here on my “BlogRush” mashup…

    … It’s a long list of just-published BlogRush opinions.

    I understand John Reese quickly hired a bunch of people (at an flat-hourly rate) to “view” blogs for quality. I also understand some created “bots” to randomly approve blogs and get paid the flat rate — scamming BlogRush a second time.

    Perhaps that’s what happened with you.

    Check it out at:

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you