Tuesday Morning Pukefest

Just watch this:

Who is that dude? What is up with the hair? Is it a must that every Mac fanboy look like he’s trying WAY too hard?

And why to point releases from Apple cost their customers money?? Can you imagine the uproar of Microsoft charged $129 for Service Packs?

Wake up people!! Jesus H. Christmas already!!

I’m kind of nauseous after watching that video, so I’m going to go throw up my breakfast now. I know that was an ad for Panther, and that’s old – but Leopard is right around the corner so I’m going to head out and get some ipecac so I can get started early.

One Response to “Tuesday Morning Pukefest”

  1. Yeah I don’t get these Mac toolbags, the guy with dreads looked like he was a washed up musician.

    But seriously since when does a fancy looking service pack warrant that much dough. They always claim to be doing something groundbreaking but everything they’ve got on there can be done for free with linux and beryl. Oohhhh, ahhhhh, I say the number of windows users out there speak for themselves. If OS X was truly a “better” OS then why hasn’t it outsold MS?

    Apple is just one big ass propaganda machine. Hence the 1984 commercials.