A Friendly Disclaimer

Hey whats up ACSMB fans!! Sorry about the delay, with the upcoming release of the Apple Leopard OS, Ive been busy laughing my ass off!!! LOL!! You gotta know I’m just kidding Mac fans…in all honestly, I think that Mac hardware is actually pretty nice. It looks cool, they use decent components, and OSX is really a nicely designed OS. What I want to present to you are options that you, the computer user has when considering a new system.

For those of you who really dont know all that much about what’s under the hood of your computer, its far too easy to fall prey to Apple’s advertising – because you are who they’re aiming for. “It Just Works”, “Get A Mac”, blah blah blah – all designed to pull an exess of fundage out of YOUR pocket to make Apple, THE CORPORATION, and her shareholders, more money.

That’s what its all about guys. Apple doesnt care about you any more than Microsoft or Verizon wireless does. You’re a consumer. Your job is to buy – their job is to sell. And Apple does this quite well by marketing to their generally hardware naieve target demographic.

It’s kinda like bringing your car to Jiffy Lube when you don’t know a damn thing about what’s under the hood. How many of you have said yes to the $75 radiator flush? Or had your headlight bulb fixed for $30? Exactly folks…the parellels are there. And not just apple, either – ANY OEM computer manufacturer is going to pull the same shit.

And that’s what you need to realize Mac Freaks – Apple is just another OEM computer manufacturer. Nice OS and a pretty box at a premium.

So stay tuned for the next series of articles where we’ll pick up where ‘Building a Mac Killer Part I’ left off…and show you how to construct a system of equal or greater value to every product Apple offers – from the Mac Mini all the way up to the flagship Mac Pro.

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