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Friday Haiku!

Apple, a vile stenchA rotted fruit? No, your Mac Worthless fanboy slaves Ah, the Haiku.  The simplest literary form, and yet there are so many rules! It never ceases to fascinate me.  The above Haiku, while I admit it is a truly brilliant quip, doesn’t really adhere to the traditional form other than its 5-7-5 syllabic [...]


Why is granola so fucking expensive?? I’ve asked myself this question time and again as I put that $6.00 box of toasted oats, nuts and dried berries back on the shelf, cursing under my breath.  Am I too cheap to buy a box of cereal? No.  Am I too smart to pay twice as much as [...]

Mac vs PC

Mac vs PC – I could give a shit.  For any panty waisted Mac fanboys reading this now, I’m not here to criticize that shiny white computer you’re so proud of.  That gleaming exemplification of your abstruse creative mind that you paid hundreds of dollars too much for.  I actually admire the computer, the machine itself.  It looks and runs great! [...]

Well, what can I say…

Apple can suck my balls, that’s what!!! What beef do I have with this seemingly fine purveyor of shiny white computers and diety like communications devices? How could I even harbor one negative feeling toward such a benign and delightful group of pettifoggers? You’ll have to wait for the next post to find out, but [...]