“Get a Mac”

Why the fuck should I?

The phrase ‘Get a Mac’ is often coined by Apple Zealots trying to impose their delusional perception of uniqueness and artistic panache on some unassuming user of another platform. It’s another testament to their blind willingness to follow Apple’s arrogance straight into the land of conformity through copious amounts of self gratification.

What I dont understand is, why they do not suffix this demand with at least a trace of credability. Can you explain why I should ‘Get a Mac’? Does a Mac offer any benefits over my current computer? Can you describe in a brief paragraph or two, why spending an exhorbitant amount on mediocre PC hardware would make me so special?

Can a ‘Mac Genius’ help provide some intelligent answers, or are you just going to read off a list of potential responses to customer inquieries? Every time I walk by the Apple Store, all I can think about is that old sci-fi movie, THX-1138. Remember that one? Where everyone looks the same, acts the same, and the whole underground city is painted a conspicuously mac-like white? They arent kidding when they say artists predict the future, kids:

Look! Mac users in the Apple Store!!

Ah, Apple. You vex me so. May the backlash against your corporate tyranny destroy the very fabric from which you were made.

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