Friday Linux Kicks OSX’s Ass Sideways Video Goodness!

Watch ‘em and weep ye pathetic deciples of the forbidden fruit:

Can the Mac you just spent thousands on do that? Considering it doesnt even compare to Windows in terms of software support, and it’s only claim to fame is a nice GUI, can it even compare the the FREE GUI slickness of Linux & Beryl? LOL! I think not…

 And what would Friday be without a little poetic justice?

A Bazillion Years of Torment

Salt Rubbed Into My Eyes

I Still Wouldnt Give Up One Dollar

To Buy Into Apple’s Lies

A Cozen Bunch, Those Corporate Sluts

With Their Fancy Pseudo Coolness

They’re Just A Bunch Of Apple Dorks

With Grandiose Abominousness


Im out! Have a good weekend freakazoids!

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