Building a Mac Killer – Part 1

Thanks for tuning in ACSMB fans – today starts the 1st in a mult-part series that will show you, my loyal readers, how to design and build your own PC that will crush your Mac of choice for hundreds less. 

If you’re a Mac fan you might be saying ‘But Will I Think Different?’, ‘Will a Custom Built Computer Just Work??’  The answers to both these questions is a resounding yes.  Granted, building a computer requires time and effort – and that might be something you are not willing to invest.  There are, however, many benefits to building your own computer – here’s a few:

  • You will gain a ton of knowledge about what goes into building a computer, and through that process you’ll learn how to troubleshoot your own PC problems.  Kind of like learning how to fix your own car, but you wont get as dirty:)
  • You can spec out a system to suit your needs, and not rely on a generic OEM machine – like a Mac – that is built for the lowest common denominator of performance but priced as if it were a top shelf piece of hardware.
  • You’ll be able to design in a certain degree of future proofing, and make drastic upgrades to system performance without having to buy a whole new computer.  Try putting an aftermarket, high performance motherboad into your iMac and see what happens:)
  • The computer YOU build will be totally unique to you.  You can hand select every component to match your own critera.  Want an asthetically gorgeous PC that you can show off like a piece of artwork? You can do it.  Howabout building it into a HTPC case so you can rack it with your other A/V components in your entertainment center?  Now you will truly be able to ‘Think Different’ and have a unique machine that does what YOU want it to, all the time.  Not something built by someone else who is telling you what you should want through deceptive and audacious propaganda.
  • Overclocking – being able to squeeze a ton of performance out of less expensive hardware.  The new Intel Core2 chips are made to overclock…does buying a $200 processor and making run as fast as a $1000 top-of-the-line CPU sound appealing to you?  If you’ve read this far, Im sure it does.  It’s an advanced technique, and you do have to know what you’re doing -but anyone can do it with a little patience and careful tweaking.
  • Finally – You can have your choice of OS.  According to Apple, the Mac is the ‘only computer that can run OSX and Windows’ That’s a lie.  The PC you build yourself can run Linux, OSX, WindowsXP, Windows Vista, Solaris10 – hell whatever YOU want to use.  Granted, the OSX you can run yourself is not licensed from apple – but it’s still possible.  You can read more about it here: and I’ll cover it’s installation later in this series.

 However, building a computer isnt for everyone.  There are some caveats you must consider:

  • YOU are tech support.  When something goes wrong with your Mac, you can bring it to the Apple store and if its still under warranty, you can get it fixed. After that year is up though, you pay out the ass.  Most people don’t realize there are ton of resources on the web that can teach you how to fix even complex problems yourself! Still, this takes time – and if money isn’t an object to you and you dont care to get involved with the technical aspect of computing, building a PC isnt for you.
  • Unexpected costs – there are so many options for various components that if you dont spend your time researching compatability, etc – you can end up having to return items, buy something twice to test a potential bad part, etc
  • Patience - you need a lot of it.  While once your computer is built it will ‘Just Work’ exactly the way you want to, a good amount of time and effort goes into getting it to that state.

So there you have it folks, welcome to your 1st day of computing freedom!  In the next post we’ll start picking out some kick ass components that will leave an iMac in the dust for a fraction of the cost!!

OSX86 on a custom built PC
A custom built PC running Mac OSX
More Apple Lies Dispelled…

8 Responses to “Building a Mac Killer – Part 1”

  1. francis dinardo on October 24th, 2007 at 8:50 am

    i think what you are doing is great and the more people that know about it the better i feal the same way i dont like waiting for apple to upgrade their computers and getting riped off i would like any info on bulid ing my mac clone that would kick the shit out of the new 8 core mac my email is chris4342 at keep up the great work im in the vido and music business and power is vital in running over 100 auido tracks in m stuido knowledg is king so that makes you king i dont know of anyone else that knows how to do this and im glad i found you on the web seek and you shall find this sets me free thanks once agian

  2. Never heard of it before, but after reading this can say with assurance, that it’s a point of great interest and fun for me

  3. My brother would appreciate this website. We were recently talking about this. hehe

  4. Ok, so from your photo you have a pig ugly PC running some variant (illegally!) of Mac OSX… errrr why?

    The whole point of having a Mac is to enjoy not only it’s beauty, but also the fact that it remains cool, without any ridiculous fan noise from the processor fan, power supply fan or graphics cards fan (unlike yours my iMac is TOTALLY silent WITHOUT water cooling, even the hard drive is almost inaudible!

    With a genuine Mac, sure you pay more, but then again, all the best things in life except your health and love cost a bit more, but as the old sating goes ‘qualty is remembered long after price is forgotten’.

    Apple have NEVER claimed you cannot run OSX on a PC, they have simply told the TRUTH that you cannot LEGALLY run it on a PC, and that still stands.

    I ran my own web design and hosting business for a decade and all my work was done on PC’s, but one day I had an epiphany and decided to go Mac, and now I aint going back.


    Simple, since having a three Mac’s over the last 4 years I have NEVER had a single lock up, not once, I know others have, but mine has never crashed or needed restoring except when I installed a new upgraded 1TB hard drive in my iMac, yes it can be done, it took me 15 minutes thats all and then using Time machine it restored without any intervention and has worked sweet as a nut ever since.

    I dare say you won’t post this on your site, I’m sure you are far too PC biased to allow others opinions, but if you read this then you need to understand that just because a kit car ‘looks’ like a ferrari, it almost certainly will never handle or perform like one… and I know that first hand too …

  5. Hi Craig,

    Look, I posted your mindless drivel. Well written mindless drivel, but still. So basically, you’re a fake Ferrari driving mac zealot who ran himself out of business?

    Love actually cost a shit ton…and I know that first hand too. Obviously you do not, because Mac users tend to have deep emotional attachments to cheap plastic and overpriced fluff. Real women, I’ll have you know, can satisfy far more of your primal needs than that shitbox iMac you just blew your load on. That’s about all they’re good for though. Hell, I should have started a blog called ‘Women Can Suck My Balls’ because that’s what they spend most of their time doing, much to the detriment of my wallet.

    And wow, I loved the story about installing the hard drive. That’s so badass. That $300 PC running OSX probably has one in it too.

    There is NO good reason to spend money on an Apple. The beauty of what Apple has done lies in their marketing. They have convinced otherwise intelligent individuals like yourself to give up your hard earned money buying their shitass, overpriced products.


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  7. This was just what I was looking for… Thanks!

  8. The first time that i tried overcloking over a year ago, my CPU got overheated and got fried.;’*