An Open Letter To The Apple Community

Dear Mac Freaks,

Since this blog’s inception, over 500 Mac users have visited this site and read my musings.  However, it perplexes me that only a few of you have chosen to share your thoughts and opinions.  I understand that in the wake of my intellect; in the presence of the sheer turpitude of the onslaught of truth that is this blog you may feel threatened, or even scared.

Fear not, little Maclings, I mean you no harm.  I am only here to guide you.  To illuminate for you the path of computing freedom so that you may let loose your bonds of forced fruity slavery.  Your white chains of poor performance and apocryphal kinesthesia of asthetic brilliance shall crumble like an iMac asked to do more than search the internet.  I am here to help you, to liberate you, to cradle you in the welcome arms of an inexpensive custom built computer running the operating system you have been wrongly brainwashed into hating.

Despite my genuine concern for your well being, I know that you may have your doubts.  I want you to share them. Let me know why your slow, poor performing, absonantly priced computer was worth what you paid.  Show me what you can do with this ‘unique’ machine that you’ll plunk down your hard earned dollars for again and again.  Tell my why you think the corporate money train built by Apple’s illustrious marketing whores is really out to provide its users with a great product – not just a sub-standard computer wrapped in a shiny white skin.

Take a moment, express your thoughts by leaving a comment or three.   I am an open minded person – in fact I’ve never owned a Mac myself so here is your chance to open my eyes to something I might be missing!  If you honestly believe your Macintosh was a worthwhile investment, let your voice be heard.   Tell me why its so great and why you love it so much! 

I don’t expect you to prove that a Mac is better than a PC, because you probably can’t.  But I am still very interested in what you have to say!

  An Open Letter To the Apple Community

5 Responses to “An Open Letter To The Apple Community”

  1. let’s see your pc do this:

  2. Wow. That was…probably the most boring 4:25 Ive sat through so far this week. Its all fluff son. Pretty pictures. It aint’ shit. Let’s see what that machine scores in 3DMark06…oh wait, you can’t run it on OSX.

    To put it in perspective for you, have a look at these MacPro scores for 3DMark06 (a standard system benchmarking program, FYI):

    ~6000 for a 2GB MacPro. Huh. That’s what, a ~$4000 machine with the specified configuration?

    The PC I built last year, with only one dual core CPU and the X1900XT scores 6250. About the same – but at 25% of the cost. Does this mean the MacPro is a shitty computer? Hell no – it’s a great machine. Does this mean that if you use and like a Mac Pro you’re an idot? Nope – I’d be happy to have one myself! Does this mean Apple has used deceptive marketing to rip off it’s loyal customers? Yeah, I think so.

  3. Do you realize that no real humain being cares about 3DMark06? Get a life.

  4. If no human being cares about benchmarks, then why should anyone care that a $3000 MacBook pro outperforms another notebook by one point?

    It’s a selling point son, might as well get used to it.

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