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“Get a Mac”

Why the fuck should I? The phrase ‘Get a Mac’ is often coined by Apple Zealots trying to impose their delusional perception of uniqueness and artistic panache on some unassuming user of another platform. It’s another testament to their blind willingness to follow Apple’s arrogance straight into the land of conformity through copious amounts of [...]

Friday Linux Kicks OSX’s Ass Sideways Video Goodness!

Watch ‘em and weep ye pathetic deciples of the forbidden fruit: Can the Mac you just spent thousands on do that? Considering it doesnt even compare to Windows in terms of software support, and it’s only claim to fame is a nice GUI, can it even compare the the FREE GUI slickness of Linux & [...]

Building a Mac Killer – Part 1

Thanks for tuning in ACSMB fans – today starts the 1st in a mult-part series that will show you, my loyal readers, how to design and build your own PC that will crush your Mac of choice for hundreds less.  If you’re a Mac fan you might be saying ‘But Will I Think Different?’, ‘Will [...]

An Open Letter To The Apple Community

Dear Mac Freaks, Since this blog’s inception, over 500 Mac users have visited this site and read my musings.  However, it perplexes me that only a few of you have chosen to share your thoughts and opinions.  I understand that in the wake of my intellect; in the presence of the sheer turpitude of the [...]

Newsflash Apple Freaks! Vista More Secure Than Mac OSX.

This isnt news to me, but it might be news to those of you living a diluted life under the glow from a glossy Apple LCD.  Read this link, and free your mind: Vista More Secure Than Mac OSX And I quote: I have found the code quality, at least in terms of security, to [...]